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I recently had the absolute pleasure of being tasked with creating a simple, yet effective website to help promote a beautiful villa in Fuerteventura. As the client required a super user-friendly and affordable solution at this stage, the site was created in wix to avoid additional development costs.


After having now single-handedly completed a number of sites on this platform, it is a service I am confident to offer if I feel it is the best fit or solution for a client's particular requirements.

After advising the client that professional photography would not only be a game-changer for the website, it would also produce amazing content going forward for all social channels ensuring a professional level of continuity at every stage. I was able to source a specialist local photographer and managed the process from start to finish. The end result was exactly what my client envisaged and exceeded their expectations. I will soon be adding Fuerteventura to my holiday wish-list!

website design and creation | photography | social media management

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